Gouglersville, PA

For 10 years Christopher has been involved in the management of a 2+ acre gentlewoman’s horse farm in Gouglersville, PA, near Reading. From pasture renovation to sand mound installation, stormwater management, and utility excavation, this project is a labor of love. When purchased the property had almost no decorative plantings, now there are mature juniper, viburnum, and holly among many others.


At the heart of the property are 2 horses; Cody, a mature quarter horse, and Pegasus, a mini with a full-size attitude, as well as 2 goats, Freddy and Diablo, 2 dogs, Buddha and Skye and 2 cats, Sadie and Tykie. From constant fence maintenance to digging swales in a hurricane, this is an evolving education in applied engineering.

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