Christopher Sohnly


Landscape Designer

Christopher earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture from Temple University, in May of 2015. In addition to operating a landscape design company, he is also developing a metric system of plant evaluation based on the work of Dr. Doug Tallamy.


Spruce Hollow Designs has grown out of Christopher's own landscape design, installation, and maintenance business that he has operated for 13 years both as an independent contractor and as a sub-contractor. During this time he has worked in a wide range of gardens from large estates to small individual residential settings. During the 2017 and 2018 seasons, he had the rewarding opportunity to work with a Horticulturalist full-time.


He works with a wide range of amazing and skilled people, and he works for Gaia, this remarkable blue planet that we have been blessed to inhabit. Think globally, act locally, means to him that every garden, every landscape, that we steward can offer a haven for pollinators, birds, and our own sense of joy and belonging. Please, put down the phone, and enjoy the web of life that surrounds us always. 

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