Our non-profit, Environmental Metrics Unlimited, known as EMU, is a collaboration between Professor Douglas Tallamy, Landscape Architect Rich Darke and a team of landscape designers led by Christopher Sohnly and Nicole Jackson 

    Bringing this database to the web will aid home gardeners, landscape designers, and those planning plantings in public or private spaces, to create resilient and diverse gardens that will provide habitat and support for insects, birds, and people.

    We are also developing hands-on learning experiences for classrooms in connection with this project. Children are our future, and if we can provide learning material for them to benefit from, imagine what they’ll create. Thank you for supporting our efforts!


…we need to select the plants that are best at performing essential ecosystem functions within our built landscapes. Which plants are these? Enter the function calculator, the first tool designed specifically for landscape architects and designers to facilitate plant choice based on ecological function rather than simply aesthetics. The Function Calculator will be a game-changer that will enable us to achieve the sustainable relationship with our ecosystems that we so desperately need.


Dr. Doug Tallamy; November 9, 2017

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