Environmental Metrics Unlimited - EMU


The Living Landscape Function Calculator:  A design tool for incorporating ecological function into planned landscapes.


    Enchanted with both the beauty and complexity of plant communities, Christopher Sohnly, a graduate of Temple University‚Äôs Landscape Architecture program, owner and operator of SpruceHollowDesigns, was inspired by the plant tables in the back of The Living Landscape, by Douglas Tallamy and Rick Darke, published by Timber Press in 2015.


    Using the tables in The Living Landscape the Function Calculator data will be used to evaluate existing designed landscapes and aid in evaluating planned landscapes for a variety of ecosystem and landscape services.


     We are launching a GoFundMe campaign to put the database online and support the website and the research needed to carry forward. Our non-profit, Environmental Metrics Unlimited, a 501(c)3, will serve as the base organization, under the guidance of the Urban Affairs Coalition in Philadelphia. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to upgrade the existing website and put the database online.



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